Do you already own a property and want to make it profitable?

We look at your property from marketing perspective and present its best version to the market.

We carry out a survey of the key ‘problems’ of the property that, when resolved, can enhance the property valuation in  Portuguese Market.

We manage all the small works, remodeling and maintenance of your property. We work with different accredited partners in remodelling, painting and arrangement.

We present you a detailed study of Consultancy and calculation of profitability of your property.

We manage a photoshoot session with industry professionals to explore 'the best angle' on your property.

We study your target audience and through highly targeted marketing campaigns we present your property to the right target.

We mediate all contacts and visits to the property with potential tenants, besides we manage monthly leasings, maintenance, tenant needs and payment processes.

We carry out the entire process of qualifying the client, and carry out the lease agreements, guaranteeing the best rights of the owner, in compliance with the current legislation.

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