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Find a Tenant

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Find a Property

We provide highly personalized assistance, supported by technological searching tools and highly targeted, optimized digital campaigns with marketing processes

Commercial counseling
Rehab, repair and maintenance
Marketing and Image
Insurance Recommendatory
Legal, Taxes and Banking Assisting
Rental’s management
Know how of the portuguese market

– Detailed market data
– Comparative market studies
– Stats property evaluation

Return of investment of your asset

– Commercial and marketing counsel
– Approach target market
– Vigorous tenant screening
– Contract and registration of agreements
– Rental management

Invest in Portugal

– Qualify your needs and goals
– Present market overview
– Estimate return on investment of your project
– Scan and visit to properties
– Home staging preparations

Managing your property

– Vacation or secondary house
– Maintenance and repair service
– Cleaning and utilities
– Condominium follow up
– Taxes and legal obligations
– Insurance and others

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